Poets Jasmine and Mint scented candle Active

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Poets Jasmine and Mint scented candle Active
This enchanting essence, inspired by a sun-drenched morning in an English country garden, perfectly captures the scent of jasmine, lily, orange flower and wild rose on the morning breeze. An unexpected twist of soft and sensual wild mint stimulates the senses and teases the palette in this elegant and eccentric fragrance.

250ml volume tin

These candles are handmade in a small village called Milton of Buchanan, in a little garden shed that over looks Conic Hill. Milton of Buchanan is the tiny village one mile before Balmaha in East Loch Lomond - a popular village tourist destination around 35 minutes drive from Glasgow.

The name of the candle - 'Gàrradh' means 'Garden' in Gaelic

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